Specialists in Exercise for Chronic Conditions and Over 50's

Brief Description:

Can B Fit is a gentle exercise class for anyone affected by Cancer. These classes are led by a fully qualified CanRehab Cancer and Exercise Rehabilitation Instructor and are supported by Macmillan Cancer Support.


Each class consists of a 10 minute seated warm-up, which includes mobilisation and stretching exercises. This is followed by a main exercise component lasting for 40 minutes with a drink break in the middle. The exercises include a selection of cardiovascular, mobility and strengthening exercises, which can be done either standing or seated. The class ends with a 10 minute seated cool-down and stretching.

Every exercise included in the session can be tailored to suit each individual according to their level of fitness and where they are in terms of treatment and recovery. Consideration is also made for any other particular conditions that may affect their ability to exercise.

Clients are monitored closely throughout to ensure that everyone is working at a safe level according to their individual need.

Who Suitable For:

The classes are suitable for anyone who wishes to maintain or improve their fitness, strength and confidence before, during and after treatment for cancer. Can B Fit is also open to friends and family who wish to act as a support for someone attending the classes.







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