Specialists in Exercise for Chronic Conditions and Over 50's

Brief Description:

These gentle exercise classes are for people with lower levels of ability and are led by qualified and experienced Chair-Based Exercise Instructors. The classes are generally held in care homes, residential homes and sheltered accommodation but can be held at other venues.


Each class lasts for 1 hour and is led by a Fit 4 Life Instructor. The session begins with a 10 minute warm-up to gently raise the pulse and help mobilise joints, followed by some stretching. There is then a strength component which comprises of a series of different exercises using therabands to help maintain or improve strength in all major muscle groups. This is followed by a variety of fun activities including ball bouncing and catching, parachute games, bean bag throwing and more. As well as providing a source of enjoyment, these activities can improve aerobic fitness, muscular strength and endurance, and co-ordination. The class finishes with a gentle cool-down and stretching.

All the above exercises / activities can be done whilst seated or standing depending on the individual’s level of ability.

Who Suitable For:

Most people will be able to participate in these classes as they are highly adaptable. It is important however that anyone looking to participate in the classes has no absolute contra-indications to exercise. These include severe or uncontrolled heart disease, uncontrolled diabetes, unusually high blood pressure etc. The Fit 4 Life staff can advise on this.







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