Specialists in Exercise for Chronic Conditions and Over 50's

Brief Description: 

The Health Club Sessions are open sessions for lower risk referrals and over 50’s. There is always specialist Fit 4 Life Instructor present to supervise these sessions and advise clients.


Clients have full use of the whole range of Exercise Machines and Resistance Equipment at Fit 4 Life. 

Each client is given a full induction before starting the Health Club where they are shown how to use each piece of equipment and how to perform each exercise safely. The Fit 4 Life Staff then discuss with the client whether they would like a Personalised Training Programme to follow or to simply use the facilities at their own leisure. Referred clients are encouraged to follow a programme based on exercise guidelines for their specific condition.

The length of each session is dependent on the level of fitness and ability of each client although the average length for a session is around 1 hour. 

Who Suitable For:

The Health Club is open for clients who have progressed on through the Heart Workshop Classes and would like to continue with their exercises. Lower risk GP referrals are allowed to go straight into the Health Club sessions (if deemed safe to do so by the Fit 4 Life Staff) as well as anyone over the age of 50 looking to improve their health with people of a similar age.







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